Come and stay awhile, so many things to say, to share, to do
I talk to you all the time,
in my mind



~all that surrounds me, soothe me~

In comfort

In quiet

In balance

In calm

In peace

 In warmth

Photos...misc, collected over time & not all with labels..., sorry...4th is Audrey Hepburn Complex,
*6th is Cherry Blossom


new year's high tea

Such a lovely feeling...the heat from a perfect cup of tea, a new day and a new year, and everything covered in a thin snow, like the world as far as can be seen, is wearing a sacred veil.


week's end

To my love,

Thanking thee.



I have a terrible allergy. It makes so my throat is itchy, my eyes too. And all I would like to do is to go home and sleep through my evening. Make a huge pot of tea and slowly dissolve into the warm current of night's cover.


There is nothing more cozy and full of love to me,
than a warm pair of socks with my best friend, Tea.


I grew up and I grew out on the lake behind my home.
And the lake was always cold at first
but after it took you in
It was a very warm hug that kept holding you.
I miss the sunshine on my back
and the waves and sand and laughter
and my cousins and my family
and plums and picnics and the wind
and the shimmer and promise of the waves.